A High Tea

A High Tea is one of the most complimentary entertainments to which a hostess may invite her friends in the afternoon. The number of guests is limited, but the possibilities for decoration, daintiness and elegance are unlimited. The exact hour is written on the invitation, as High Tea at 4:00 o'clock (or 5:00 o'clock). The guests may number about twenty-four, but twelve or sixteen is a desirable number. They arrive exactly at the appointed hour. They are seated at small tables having places for four at each table. The menu is a little more substantial than for a reception. Here is a typical "High Tea" menu:

Hot Bouillon
Sweetbread and Mushroom Patties
Tiny Pickles
Creamed Chicken in Green Peppers
Cauliflower Scalloped
Hot Rolls Spiced Cherries
Asparagus Salad
Grated Parmesan Cheese
Ice Cream in form of Fruits, Flowers, or any desired form Angel Food Coffee

This menu, of course, may be varied.
Clam cocktail,
grape fruit,
a fruit cup or hot fruit soup
may be served for the first course, croquettes, any sort of salad and ice cream or gelatines.

An original embroidery contest to precede the tea is to secure the large pattern initials which come very inexpensive, getting the initial of each guest. Prepare oblong pieces of linen or lawn which will fold into envelope shape, six by fourteen inches. Give each guest a piece of the linen and the pattern for her initial. She embroiders the initial in the corner or center of the flap to the "envelope" which is a stock and turnover case when finished. Each guest is given her turnover case to finish as a souvenir. Give prizes for the best initial, the one completed first and for the slowest.

A Simple Menu for High Tea.

For a high tea for ladies, serve first an oyster cocktail in glasses, fruit punch or brandied peaches. Then serve sweetbread salad, with bread and butter sandwiches. Frozen eggnog and fig cake are a change from the regulation ice cream. Follow by tea.

Breakfasts and Teas; Novel Suggestions for Social Occasions, Compiled by Paul Pierce