A Colonial Tea.

A delightful way to entertain six elderly lady friends would be to give a Colonial tea. Word the invitations thus:

"My Dear Madame: -- Ye distinguished Honor of your Presence is requested Thursday, ye Second of October, from Three of ye Clock until ye early Candlelight, at Four Hundred and Seven, Sheridan Road, ye City of _____, to meet your most Obedient and Humble Servant, Mistress."

Light the rooms with candlelight and decorate with nosegays of garden flowers and autumn leaves. Seat the guests at round tables. Have all the viands on the table at once. Let the menu be cold turkey, pressed chicken, cold tongue, tiny pocketbook rolls, jellies and preserves, gelatines, pound cake and fruit cake, hot tea and chocolate.

Decorate the table with old-fashioned flowers in quaint vases. Women of that age generally prefer to bring their own needlework and visit, so have a brief program of old-fashioned music, or an interesting old-fashioned story read.

Breakfasts and Teas; Novel Suggestions for Social Occasions; Compiled by Paul Pierce