Don't decide the minute you enter a new situation that it doesn't suit you. Pay no attention to any gossip that may be told you. Wait and see for yourself. By so doing you will avoid unnecessary trouble for self as well as your employer.

Don't tell an untruth about your wages. Tell what amount you have received a month when asked by an employer. Falsehood will place you in a very bad position. It is sure to be found out.

Don't be foolish in regard to wearing a cap. It is a great improvement to one's appearance, and is worn by all first-class servants. Be sure to keep the hair tidy.

Don't listen while you are waiting at table -- you will probably get things twisted and be tempted to repeat them so.

Don't be always standing on your dignity as to what is and is not " your place " — if you cannot get along go away, but while you are in a house be pleasant.

Don't hide breakage from your mistress, -- it will get you into more trouble in the end than if you acknowledge the accident at once.

Don't think your mistress is unbearable because she may sometimes be a little short in her manner, — ladies often have worries and responsibilities of which servants have no idea.

Don't spend your time comparing the ways of one mistress with those of another — each one has a right to her own rules in her own house.

Don't spy on your masters and mistresses -- the fact that their bread is in your mouth should be a reason for keeping it shut.

Don't go through your work mechanically -- try to notice how people leave things themselves, and put them in that order.

Don't "arrange" the papers on a desk or writing table unless expressly told to; pick them up, dust them, and where they have lain, and put them down in the same place.

Don't be restless and want to move too often -- the longer you stay in one place the more likely you are to get a good wedding present or legacy.

Don't, when September comes, be influenced by city friends and give up a good home on account of your employer's remaining in the country until October or November. Girls often do this, and it is a great mistake. They are apt to remain idle two or three weeks, and then are often compelled again to go out of town and amongst strangers.

Don't leave garbage in the pantry from one meal to another. Always keep the sink and pantry clean.

Don't upset the cook by telling her what the family say about her cooking. Leave that for the mistress. If there is any fault to be found it is not so apt to cause trouble if it goes direct to the cook from her mistress.

Don't forget when meats, turkey, and game are served, that sauce or gravy, also the jelly, such as cranberry jelly, etc., should be served before the vegetables.

Don't, when you are cleaning rooms, forget your dusters, broom, and other articles. Look around before you leave the room and take them with you. It is not pleasant to trip over such things.

Don't forget to clean the finger marks from paint when you are cleaning rooms.

Don't forget to clean the bed-springs; they should be cleaned twice a month. Bedroom closets should also be cleaned twice a month.