La Tempete

La Tempete is amusing and very lively, but requires to be well done to produce a pleasing effect. When this is to be danced, four gentlemen select partners, as for a set of quadrilles. A second, third, and fourth party of eight may also be made up; the only limit being the size, and particularly the length, of the room.

Take places as for a set of quadrilles, without sides-that is to say, the two couples stand side by side, and face the two opposite couples. Close to the set thus ranged at the top of the room, comes the second set, then the third, and so on, in lines, so that, though the dance extend down the entire room, it is only two couples in breadth, and the dancers in each set have their backs to those dancing in that next it. The dance is in two parts.

1. The couples join hands, and advance and retire twice, using the quadrille step. Top couples (in each set) cross, still with joined hands, taking the places of bottom couples, who cross at the same time, but, separating, pass outside the others to the top, when they join hands, return to their own places, and back again; while the top couples, having separated, cross outside the second couples, then join hands again, and all return to places. Next lady and gentleman in middle of each line give hands to their vis-a-vis , and these four do half round to left, ditto right to places; at the same time, the outside lady and gentleman in each line gives hand to the lady or gentleman opposite, and then half-left and back to places, forming two small circles, one on either side the central circle of four. Next, all three circles hands across and round, change hands, round again, and back to places.

2. Lines advance, retreat, and again advance. Top couples pass through the line formed by their vis-a-vis , the bottom couple, and so get into the next line, when they repeat the movements of the first part with fresh vis-a-vis , their former ones having meanwhile taken their places and turned round, waiting till they are faced, and can repeat the figure also. This will occur at the second movement, for which those at both ends of the figure will have to wait. This goes on until all the top couples have passed to the bottom of the figure.

There are variations of this dance, but they are complicated, and seldom attempted out of a dancing academy; indeed, the dance itself is chiefly confined to establishments of that class. Music quick, in two-four time, steps as in quadrilles.
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Beadle's dime ball-room companion and guide to dancing, 1868


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