The Graces-One Couple

Gentleman passes his lady to the left, changing hands; he takes another lady with the right hand, and continues promenading between the two; when he finds himself at the place of the lady he has chosen he makes the two ladies pirouette opposite each other, and takes them by their waists to make them execute a tour sur place to the left; he returns the lady he has chosen to her partner, making her pass under his arm and that of his lady, and continues the promenade to his place; the gentleman, in order to make the tour sur place y should have his own lady by the left hand and the other by the right. When this figure is made in polka, instead of the tour sur place you make the tour du salon h trots; abandon the lady chosen when you pass before her place, and continue to promenade with your own.


The Graces-Four couples

Each lady selects two gentlemen, who place themselves on either side, clasping hands behind the lady, and each holding one of the lady's hands; the gentlemen of the four couples having arranged themselves each between two ladies in the same manner, the dancers then form in threes, one triplet behind another, being particular to have the first three consist of a lady and two gentlemen, then a gentleman and two ladies ; so alternating; all promenade round the room, when, upon signal, the first and alternate threes turn round, each dancing with the one opposite.


The Flowers

Four couples, more or less, according to size of the German; gentlemen choose two ladies, each of whom takes the name of some flower; the gentleman presents to the ladies another gentleman, and names to him the flowers, that he may choose one; he then dances with the lady represented by the flower named; the other lady dances with the other gentleman; the ladies of the first four gentlemen execute the same figure with the two gentlemen. An amusing variety is given to this figure by each gentleman taking the name of some animal.


The Candle

A lady is seated and provided with a long candle in a high candlestick; a number of gentlemen attempt to blow the candle out; the successful one dances with the lady; the lady should keep the candle out of the reach of all except the one chosen.

The Knotted Handkerchief

A lady makes a knot in one corner of a Handkerchief; she then arranges the four corners in her hand so that the ends only are exposed; four gentemen are presented, each of whom takes one of the corners, the one getting the knot dances with the lady.


The Handkerchief

Two couples start, the gentlemen each holding with his left hand the end of a handkerchief which must be held high enough to permit the dancers to pass under it at every circle that it describes; they waltz until the handkerchief is rolled up like a cord.


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