The Royal Lineage

George III

# BirthDeath
4 Jun 1738 16 Feb 1820 m. 8 Sep 1761, Charlotte of Mecklenberg-Strelitz;
had issue.


NameBirth Death
George IV
12 Aug 1762 26 Jun 1830 Regent 1811-1819; Reigned 1820-1830,
m. 1795, Princess Caroline of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttela;
had issue
Duke of York
16 Aug 1763 5 Jan 1827 m. 1791, Princess Frederica of Prussia;
no issue;
William IV
Wm. IV
21 Aug 1765 20 Jun 1837 m. 1818, Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen;
no legitimate surviving issue;
Charlotte, Princess Royal
29 Sep 1766 6 Oct 1828 m. 1797, Frederick, King of Württemberg;
no issue;
Duke of Kent
2 Nov 1767 23 Jan 1820 m. 1818, Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld;
had issue. Queen Victoria.
Princess Augusta Sophia
8 Nov 1768 22 Sep 1840 She died unmarried on 22 Sep 1840 at age 71
at Clarence House, Stable York Road, St. James's,
London, England. She was buried at St. George's Chapel,
Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England.
Princess Elizabeth
22 May 1770 10 Jan 1840 m. 1818, Frederick, Landgrave of Hesse-Homburg;
no issue;
Ernest Augustus I of Hanover,
Duke of Cumberland
5 Jun 1771 18 Nov 1851 m. 1815, Princess Frederica of Mecklenburg-Strelitz;
had issue;

One result of the Queen's accession escaped without comment in almost all the
journals. The descent of the English crown to a female necessitated the
separation from it of the kingdom of Hanover, which, according to Salic law,
passed to the Queen's uncle, Ernest, Duke of Cumberland.

Kingdom of Hanover was established in October of 1814 by the Congress of Vienna,
with the restoration of George III of the United Kingdom to his Hanoverian
territories after the Napoleonic wars.

hanover kingdom
After Hanover voted in favour of mobilising confederation troops against Prussia on
14 June 1866, Prussia saw this as a just cause for declaring war; the Kingdom
of Hanover was soon dissolved and annexed by Prussia.

Augustus Frederick,
Duke of Sussex
27 Jan 1773 22 Apr 1843 m. in contravention of the Royal Marriages Act 1772,
(1) 1793 Lady Augusta Murray; had issue;
marriage declared void 1794;
(2) 1831, Lady Cecilia Underwood
(1st Duchess of Inverness); no issue;
Duke of Cambridge
24 Feb 1774 8 Jul 1850 m. 1818, Princess Augusta of Hesse-Cassel; had issue;
Princess Mary,
Duchess of Gloucester
25 Apr 1776 30 Apr 1857 m. 1816, Prince William, Duke of Gloucester;
no issue;
Princess Sophia
3 Nov 1777 27 May 1848
Prince Octavius
23 Feb 1779 3 May 1783
Prince Alfred
22 Sep 1780 20 Aug 1782
Princess Amelia
7 Aug 1783 2 Nov 1810


George IV, King of the United Kingdom and Hanover Issue

# Birth Death
4 Jun 1738 16 Feb 1820 m. 8 Sep 1761, Caroline Amelia Elizabeth of Brunswick;
had issue


Name Birth Death
HRH Princess
Charlotte Augusta
of Wales
7 Jan 1796 6 Nov 1817 m. 2-May-1816, Prince Leopold George
Frederick of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfield
no surviving issue


William IV of the United Kingdom

# Birth Death
21 Aug 1765 20 Jun 1837 m. 1818, Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen;
no legitimate surviving issue;

Legitimate Issue

All legitimate issue of William IV were born, and died, before his accession to the throne.
They were therefore styled as
Prince/Princess of Clarence with the style of Royal Highness.

Princess Charlotte of Clarence 27 Mar 1819, Hanover 27 Mar 1819, Hanover Charlotte Augusta Louisa
Princess Elizabeth of Clarence 10 Dec 1820, St. James's Palace 4 Mar 1821, St. James's Palace Elizabeth Georgiana Adelaide

Illegitimate Issue

George FitzClarence, 1st Earl of Munster
Henry FitzClarence
Sophia Sidney, Baroness De L'Isle and Dudley
Lady Mary Fox
Lord Frederick FitzClarence
Elizabeth Hay, Countess of Erroll
Lord Adolphus FitzClarence
Lady Augusta Kennedy-Erskine
Lord Augustus FitzClarence
Amelia Cary, Viscountess Falkland


Edward Augustus Hanover, Duke of Kent and Strathern

Birth : 2 Nov 1767, Buckingham House, London, England
Death : 23 Jan 1820, Sidmouth, Devon, England
Father : George III Hanover, King of England
Mother : (Sophia) Charlotte
Marriage : 11 Jul 1818, Kew Palace
Victoria Hanover, Queen of England
Because William IV. had no legitimate children, his niece Victoria became heir apparent to the British crown upon his accession in 1830.

Marie Luise Victoire Prinzessin von Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld


Marie Luise Victoire Prinzessin von Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld was the fourth daughter (but seventh child) born on 17 August 1786 at Coburg, Bayern, Germany of Franz I Friedrich Anton Herzog von Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld and Auguste Karoline Sophie Gräfin Reuss zu Lobenstein und Ebersdorf. He is a direct ancestor of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Leopold II of Belgium, Charlotte of Belgium, Albert II of Belgium, Ferdinand I of Bulgaria, and Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, former tsar and prime minister of Bulgaria.

She married, firstly, Emich Carl II Fürst zu Leiningen (1763–1814), son of Carl Friedrich Wilhelm I Fürst zu Leiningen and Christiane Wilhelmine Gräfin von Solms-Rödelheim und Assenheim; (as his second wife), whose first wife, Henrietta Reuss of Ebersdorf, was her aunt, on 21 December 1803 at Coburg, Bayern, Germany. He died on 4 July 1814 at Amorbach, Baden-Württemburg, Germany, from pneumonia. Mother of Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Emich 3rd Fürst zu Leiningen and Anna Feodorovna Auguste Charlotte Wilhelmine Prinzessin zu Leiningen.

Second marriage: On 29 May 1818 at Amorbach (and again on 11 Jul 1818 at Kew Palace) she married Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn (1767-1820).
She died on 16 Mar 1861 at age 74. Mother of the Queen Regnant Victoria of the United Kingdom and Ireland from 20 June 1837 and 1 May 1876 the first Empress of India of the British Raj until her death.

# Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Emich 3rd Fürst zu Leiningen was born on 12 September 1804 at Amorbach, Baden-Württemburg, Germany. He married Gräfin Marie von Klebelsberg (27 March 1806–28 October 1880), daughter of Count Maximilian von Klebelsberg and Marie Anna von Turba, on 13 February 1829 at Amorbach, Baden-Württemburg, Germany. He and Gräfin Marie von Klebelsberg were divorced in 1848. He died on 13 Nov 1856 at age 52.

#Anna Feodorovna Auguste Charlotte Wilhelmine Prinzessin zu Leiningen was born on 7 December 1807 at Amorbach, Baden-Württemburg, Germany. She married Ernst Christian Carl IV Fürst zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1794-1860), son of Carl Ludwig III Fürst zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg and Amalie Henriette Charlotte Gräfin zu Solms-Baruth, on 18 February 1828 at Kensington Palace, Kensington, London, England; had issue. She died on 23 September 1872 at age 64 at Baden-Baden, Baden-Württemburg, Germany.


The Scots Royal Lineage - The House of Guelph

George I. King of Great Britain, etc.

(the first of the HOUSE OF GUELPH) born Georg Ludwig, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg, at Osnaburg, 28 May 1660, succeeded his father as Duke of Hanover and Elector, 23 Jan.1697-8, Duke of Zell, 1705, Duke of Bremen and Verden, 1719, naturalized English subject, 1705, succeeded his first cousin once removed, Queen Anne, 1 Aug 1714, crowned 20 Oct.1714, m. 21 Nov 1682, his 1st cousin Princess Sophia Dorothea (born at Zell, 3 Feb 1666, div. 28 Dec. 1694, and died at Ahlden, 13 Nov 1726, uncrowned, buried at Zell), only surviving daughter of George William, Duke of Brunswick-Zell, and had issue

George Augustus, Prince of Wales, afterwards King. (1a)

Sophia Dorothea, born16 Mar 1685, m. 28 Nov 1706, Frederick William I, King of Prussia, and died 29 Jun 1757, having had issue, seven sons and eight daughters. He died. 31 May 1740.

George I also had several illegitimate children

Petronelle Melusine, born circa 1693, m. 1733 Philip Dormer (Stanhope), Earl of Chesterfield (died 24 Mar 1773), Chesterfiels & Stanhope E), and died without issue 16 Sep 1778.

2a Margaret Gertrude, born 1703, m. Count von Lippe, and died 11 Nov 1773.

George I   died at Osnaburg, 11 Jun 1727 (buried at Hanover), and was succeeded by his only son

George II, King of Great Britain, etc.

born George August, Duke of Brunswick Luneburg, at Hanover, 30 Oct 1683, Kurprinz of Hanover, 23 Jan 1697-8, naturalized an English subject, 1705), Duke and Marquess of Cambridge, Earl of Milford Haven, Viscount Northallerton, and Baron Tewkesbury, 1706, Duke of Cornwall, 1 Aug. 1714, Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester, 27 Sep 1716, succeeded his father as King of Great Britain and Duke of Hanover and Elector, 11 Jun 1727, Crowned 11 Oct 1727, m. 22 Aug 1705 Princess Wilhelmina Charlotte CAROLINE (born at Anspach, 1 Mar 1682, died at St. James's, 20 Nov 1737, buried at Westminster Abbey), daughter of John Frederick, Margrave of Brandenburg-Anspach, and had issue

1a Frederick Lewis, Prince of Wales, born Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg, at Hanover, 20 Jan 1707, Duke of Gloucester, 1717, Duke of Edinburgh, Marquess of Ely, Earl of Eltham, Viscount Launceston, and Baron Snowdon, 1726, Duke of Cornwall, etc., and Kurprinz of Hanover, 11 Jun 1729, Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester, 8 Jan 1729, m.. 27 Apr 1736, Princess Augusta (born 30 Nov 1719, died 8 Feb 1772), youngest daughter of Frederick II, Duke of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, and died in the lifetime of the father 20 Mar 1751, leaving issue,

1b George William Frederick, Prince of Wales, afterwards King.

2b Edward Augustus, Duke of York and Albany, Earl of Ulster, K.G., born 14 Mar 1739, died unmarried 17 Sep 1767.

3b William Henry, 1st Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh, Earl of Connaught, born 14 Nov. 1743, m. 6 Sep 1766, Maria (died 22 Aug 1807), widow of James, 2nd Earl Waldegrave, K.G., and illegitimate daughter of Hon. Sir Edward Walpole, and died 25 Aug 1805, having had issue,

1c William Frederick, 2nd Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh, etc., K.G., Field Marshal, born 15 Jan 1776, m. 22 Jul 1816, his first cousin, Princess Mary (died 30 Apr 1857), 4th daughter of George III, and died without issue 30 Nov 1834.

1c Sophia Matilda, Ranger of Greenwich Park, born 29 May 1773, died unmarried 29 Nov 1844.

2c Caroline Augusta Maria, born 24 Jun 1774, died 14 Mar 1775.

4b Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland and Strathearn, Earl of Dublin, K.G., Admiral of the White, born 27 Oct. 1745, married 2 Oct. 1771, Hon. Anne (died. 28 Dec. 1808), widow of Christopher Horton, of Catton Hall, Derbyshire, and daughter of Simon Luttrell, 1st Earl of Carhampton (extinct 1829), and died without legitimate issue 18 Sept. 1790.

5b Frederick William, born13 May, 1750, died 29 Dec. 1765.

1b Augusta, born 31 July, 1737, married 17 Jan. 1764, Charles William Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, and died 23 March, 1813, having had issue, four sons and three daughters. He died of wounds received at the Battle of Jena, 10 Nov. 1806.

2b Elizabeth Caroline, born 30 Dec. 1740, died 4 Sept. 1759.

3b Louisa Ann, born 8 March, 1748-49, died 13 May, 1768.

4b Caroline Matilda, born posthumously, 11 July, 1751, married 1 Oct. 1766, her 1st cousin, Christian VII, King of Denmark and Norway, and died 10 May, 1775, having had issue, two sons and one daughter. He died 13 March, 1808.

2a George William, born 3 Nov. 1717, died 6 Feb. 1718.

3a William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, Marquess of Berkhampstead, Earl of Kennington, Viscount Trematon and Baron Alderney, K.G. , Field Marshal, and C-in-C cmd'd. the Army at Fontenoy and Culloden, born 15 April, 1721, died unmarried 31 Oct 1765.

1a Anne (Princess Royal), born 2 Nov. 1709, married 25 March, 1734, William IV, Charles Henry Friso, Prince of Orange and Nassau-Dietz, and died 12 Jan 1759, leaving issue, one son and one daughter. He died 22 Oct. 1751.

2a Amelia Sophia Eleanor, born 10 June, 1711, died unmarried 31 Oct. 1786.

3a Caroline Elizabeth, born 10 June, 1713, died unmarried 28 Dec. 1757.

4a Mary, born 22 Feb. 1723, married as his 1st wife, 8 May, 1740, Frederick II, Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel, K.G., and died 14 Jan. 1772, having had issue, four sons. He died 30 Oct. 1785.

5a Louisa, born7 Dec. 1724, married 30 Oct. 1743, as his 1st wife, Frederick V, King of Denmark and Norway, and died 8 Dec. 1751, having had issue, two sons and two daughters. He died 14 Jan. 1766.

George II died at Kensington Palace, 25 Oct. 1760 (buried at Westminster Abbey), and was succeeded by his grandson

George III, William Frederick, King of Great Britain and Ireland

born at Norfolk House, Westminster, 4 June, 1738, succeeded his father as Duke of Cornwall, 2nd Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh, and Kurprinz of Hanover, 20 March, 1751, Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester, 20 April, 1751, succeeded his grandfather as King of Great Britain and Duke of Hanover and Elector, 25 Oct. 1760, Sovereign Prince of Osnaburg and Munster, 1803, King of Hanover and Sovereign Prince of East Friesland, 1814, crowned 22 Sept. 1761, married 8 Sept. 1761, Princess Sophia Charlotte (born at Mirow, 19 May, 1744, died at Kew Palace, 17 Nov. 1818, buried at Windsor), yst. daughter of Charles I, Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, and had issue

George Augustus Frederick, Prince of Wales, afterwards King.1a

2a Frederick Augustus, Duke of York and Albany, Earl of Ulster, K.G., Prince and Bishop of Osnaburg (1764-1803), Field Marshal and C-in-C, born 16 Aug 1763, married 29 Sept. 1791, Princess Frederica Charlotte Ulrica Catherine (died 6 Aug 1820), daughter of Frederick William II, King of Prussia, and died without issue 5 Jan. 1827.

3a William Henry.. Duke of Clarence, afterwards King.

4a Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent and Strathearn, Earl of Dublin, K.G., Field Marshal, born 2 Nov. 1767, m. 20 May 1818 Princess Victoria Mary Louise (died 16 Mar 1861), widow of Emich Charles, Reigning Prince of Leiningen, and daughter of Francis Frederick Antony, Duke of Saxe-Saalfeld-Coburg, and d 23 Jan 1820, leaving issue, an only child, Alexandrina Victoria, afterwards Queen.

Ernest Augustus, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg and King of Hanover

5a 1st Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale, Earl of Armagh, K.G., Field Marshal, born 5 June, 1771, succeeded his brother, William IV, as King of Hanover, 20 June, 1837, married 29 May, 1815, Princess Frederica Sophia Charlotte Alexandrina (died 29 June, 1841), widow of (1) Prince Frederick Louis Charles of Prussia, and (2) Prince Frederick William of Solms-Braunfels, and 3rd daughter of Charles Louis Frederick, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-­Strelitz, and died 18 Nov. 1851, leaving issue.

6a Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex, Earl of Inverness, and Baron Arklow, K.G., born 27 Jan 1773, m. at Rome, 4 Apr 1793, and at St. George's, Hanover Square, London, 5 Dec 1793 (annulled by the Prerogative Court, Aug 1794, as contracted in violation of The Royal Marriage Act, 1772), Lady Augusta Murray, afterwards D'Ameland (assumed by Royal Licence, 1506) (died 5 March, 1830), 2nd daughter of John, 4th Earl of Dunmore. He went through a form of marriage (in violation of The Royal Marriage Act, 1772), circa 2 May, 1831, with Lady Cecilia Letitia Buggin, afterwards UNDERWOOD (surname assumed by Royal Licence, 2 May, 1831), created Duchess of Inverness (1840) (died 1 Aug. 1873), widow of Sir George Buggin, Kt., and eldest daughter of Arthur Saunders, 2nd Earl of Arran, K.P., by his 3rd wife Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Underwood, and died without legitimate issue 21 April, 1843.

7a Adolphus Frederick, 1st Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Tipperary, and Baron Culloden, K.G., Field Marshal, Viceroy of Hanover 1816-37, born 24 Feb. 1774, married at Cassel, 7 May and at Buckingham Palace, 1 June, 1818, Princess Augusta Wilhelmina Louise (died 6 Apr 1889), 3rd daughter of the Landgrave Frederick of Hesse-Cassel, and died 8 Jul 1850, leaving issue,

1b George William Frederick Charles, 2nd Duke of Cambridge, etc., KG., Field Marshal and C-in-C 1856-95, born at Hanover, 26 March, 1819, went through a form of marriage in violation of The Royal Marriage Act, 1772, 8 Jan 1847, with Sarah (Louisa) Fairbrother (Mrs Fitz-George) (died without legitimate issue 7. 17 Mar 1904.

1b Augusta Caroline Charlotte Elizabeth Mary Sophia Louisa, born 18 July, 1822, m. 28 June, 1843, Frederick William, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, K.G., and died 4 Dec 1916, having had issue, two sons. He died 30 May 1904.

2b Mary Adelaide Wilhelmina Elizabeth, born 27 Nov. 1833, married 12 June, 1866, Francis Paul Charles Louis Alexander, Prince and Duke of Teck, Major-Gen. (born 27 Aug 1837, died 21 Jan.1900), only son of Duke Alexander of Württemberg, by his morganatic wife Claudine, Countess Rhedey, and died 27 Oct. 1897, leaving issue

1c Adolphus Charles Alexander Albert Edward George Philip Louis Ladislas, Duke of Teck, created Marques of Cambridge

2c Francis Joseph Leopold Frederick, Prince of Teck, Major 1st Dragoons, served in S. Africa 1899-1900, born 9 Jan 1870, died unmarried 22 Oct 1910.

3c Alexander Augustus Frederick William Alfred George, Prince of Teck, K.G., created Earl of Athlone.

1c Victoria Mary Augusta Louise Olga Pauline Claudine Agnes, Princess of Teck (H.M. Queen Mary.), born26 May 1867, m. 6 Jul 1893, H.M. King George V, and died 24 Mar 1953, having had issue (see below). He died 20 Jan 1936.

8a Octavius, born 23 Feb. 1779, died 3 May 1783.

9a Alfred, born 22 Sep 1780, died 20 Aug 1782.

1a Charlotte Augusta Matilda (Princess Royal), b 29 Sep 1766, m. 18 May 1797, Frederick I, King of Württemberg, and died without issue 6 Oct. 1828. He died 30 Oct. 1816.

2a Augusta Sophia, born8 Nov. 1768, died unmarried 22 Sept. 1840.

3a Elizabeth, born 22 May, 1770, m. 7 Apr 1818, Frederick Joseph Louis, Landgrave of Hesse-Homburg, and died without issue. 10 Jan. 1840. He died 2 Apr 1829.

4a Mary, born 25 April, 1776, m. 22 Jul 1816, her first cousin, William Frederick, Duke of Gloucester (see above) and died without issue30 April, 1857. He died 30 Nov 1834.

5a Sophia, born 3 Nov 1777, died unmarried27 May 1848.

6a Amelia, born 7 Aug 1783, died unmarried 2 Nov 1810.

George III died at Windsor, 29 Jan. 1820 (buried there) and was succeeded by his eldest son

George IV, Augustus Frederick, King of Great Britain and Ireland

born at St. James's Palace, 12 Aug 1762, Duke of Cornwall etc., and Kurprinz of Hanover at birth, Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester, 17 Aug 1762, Regent of the Duchy of Brunswick, 1806, Prince Regent of the United Kingdom, 5 Feb 1811, Crown Prince of Hanover, 1814, succeeded his father as King of Great Britain, etc., and King of Hanover, 29 Jan 1820, Crowned 10 Jul 1821, m. at St. James's Palace, 8 Apr 1795, his first cousin, Princess Caroline Amelia Elizabeth (born at Brunswick, 1768, died at Hammersmith, 7 Aug 1821, uncrowned, buried at Brunswick), 2nd daughter of Charles William Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick-Wölfenbuttel, by his wife Princess Augusta of Wales (see above), and had issue, an only daughter.

died at Windsor, 26 Jun 1830 (buried there), and was succeeded by his brother

1a Charlotte Augusta, born7 Jan 1796, m. 2 May 1816, Prince Leopold George Frederick of Saxe-Saalfeld-Coburg, 3rd son of Francis Antony Frederick, Reigning Duke of Saxe-Saalfeld-Coburg, and died in the lifetime of the father after giving birth to a stillborn son, 6 Nov 1817. Prince Leopold was elected King of the Belgians, 4 June, 1831 and married 2ndly, 9 Aug. 1832, Princess Louise Marie Thérèse (died 11 Oct 1850), daughter of Louis Philippe, King of the French. He died 10 Dec 1865, had issue.

George IV also had an illegitimate son

1a George Seymour Crole, Ensign 21st Dragoons (1817), Lieut. 11th Dragoons (1820), ADC to Marquess of Hastings Gov. of Bengal, and subsequently Earl Amherst, Capt. 41st Foot (1823), Major (1826), born 23 Aug 1799, educ RMC Sandhurst, died unmarried 13 Jun 1863.

William IV Henry, King of Great Britain and Ireland

born at Buckingham Palace, 21 Aug 1765, Duke of Clarence and St. Andrews, and Earl of Munster, 20 May 1789, Admiral of the Fleet, 1811, Lord High Admiral, succeeded his brother as King of Great Britain, etc., and King of Hanover, 26 Jun 1830, Crowned 8 Sep.1831, m at Kew Palace, 11 Jul 1818, Princess Adelaide Louisa Theresa Caroline Amelia (b at Meiningen, 14 Aug 1792, died at Sadbury Park, 2 Dec. 1849, buried at Windsor), eldest daughter of George I, Reigning Duke of Saxe-Meiningen, and had issue

died at Windsor, 20 Jun 1837 (buried there), and was succeeded by his niece,

1a Charlotte Augusta Louisa, born and died 21 Mar 1819.

2a Elizabeth Georgiana Adelaide, born 10 Dec 1820, died 4 Mar 1821.

William IV also had numerous illegitimate issue

1a William Henry Courtenay, Midshipman RN, drowned at sea 1807 in the Indian Ocean.

2a George Augustus Frederick Fitz-Clarence, 1st Earl of Munster, born 16 Jan 1794, married 18 Oct. 1819 Mary Wyndham, illegitimate daughter of George, 3rd Earl of Egremont, and had issue. He committed suicide 20 Mar 1842.

3a Henry Edward Fitz-Clarence, born 27 Mar 1795, died unmarried Sep 1817.

4a Frederick Fitz-Clarence, GCH, born. 9 Dec 1799, married 19 May 1821 Lady Augusta Boyle (died 28 Jul 1876), daughter of 4th Earl of Glasgow (see that family), and died 30 Oct 1854,
leaving issue a daughter

5a Adolphus Fitz-Clarence, GCH, Rear-Adm., born 18 Feb 1802, died unmarried 17 May 1856.

6a Augustus Fitz-Clarence (Rev.), born 1 Mar 1805, married 2 Jan 1845 Sarah Elizabeth Catherine (died 23 Mar 1901), eldest daughter of Lord Henry Gordon (see Gordon, Marquesses of Huntly), and died 14 Jun 1854, leaving issue.

1a Sophia Fitz-Clarence, born Aug 1796, m. 13 Aug 1835 1st Baron De L’Isle, and died 10 Apr 1837, leaving issue.

2a Mary Fitz-Clarence, born 19 Dec 1798, m. 19 Jun 1824. Gen. Charles Richard Fox, MP, illegitimate son of 3rd Baron Holland.

3a Elizabeth Fitz-Clarence, born 17 Jan 1801, m. 4 Dec 1820. 18th Earl of Erroll (see that family), and died 16 Jan 1856, leaving issue.

4a Augusta Fitz-Clarence, born 17 Nov 1803, . 1stly 5 Jul 1827. Hon. John Kennedy-Erskine, 2nd son of 1st Marquess of Ailsa and had issue (see that family), he m. 2ndly 24 Aug. 1836 Lord John Frederick Gordon-Halyburton, 3rd son of 9th Marquess of Huntly (see that family), and died 8 Dec 1865.

5a Amelia Fitz-Clarence, born 21 Mar 1807, m. 27 Dec 1830. 10th Viscount Falkland and died 2 Jul 1858, leaving issue.


Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Ireland
First Empress of India of the British Raj

born at Kensington Palace, 24 May 1819 succeeded her uncle as Queen of Great Britain, etc., 20 Jun 1837, crowned 28 Jun 1838, proclaimed Empress of India at Delhi, 1 Jan 1877, m. at St. James's Palace, 10 Feb 1840, H.R.H. Francis Albert Augustus Charles Emmanuel, Prince of Saxe Coburg and Gotha, created Prince Consort by Letters Patent, under the Great Seal, 25 Jun 1857, K.G., Field-Marshal (2nd son of Ernest I, Reigning Duke of Saxe Coburg and Gotha), born at Rosenau, nr. Coburg, 26 Aug 1819, died at Windsor, 14 Dec 1861 (buried at Frogmore). They had issue.

Victoria died at Osborne, 22 Jan 1901 (buried at Frogmore), and was succeeded by her eldest son,

Albert Edward. Prince of Wales, afterwards King.

2a Alfred Ernest Albert, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, succeeded his uncle, Duke Ernst II, 22 Aug 1893, Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Kent and Earl of Ulster, K.G., Admiral of the Fleet, born 6 Aug 1844, married 23 Jan 1874, Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna (died 25 Oct 1920), only daughter of Alexander II, Emperor of all the Russias, and died 30 Jul 1900, leaving issue, when he was succeeded in Saxe-­Coburg and Gotha by his nephew, Charles Edward, 2nd Duke of Albany (see below).

3a Arthur William Patrick, 1st Duke of Connaught & Strathearn and Earl of Sussex, KG, Field Marshal, Gov-Gen of Canada 1911-16, b 1 May 1850, m 13 March 1879 Princess Louise Margarety Alexandra Victoria Agnes (d 14 March 1917), 3rd daughter of Prince Frederick Charles of Prussia, and d 16 Jan 1942, leaving issue.

4a Leopold George Duncan Albert, 1st Duke of Albany, Earl of Clarence and Baron Arklow, K.G., Col. in the Army, born 7 April, 1853, married 27 April, 1882, Princess Helen Frederica Augusta (died 1 Sept. 1922), daughter of George Victor, Reigning Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont, and died 28 Mar 1884, leaving issue.

1a Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa (Princess Royal), born 21 Nov. 1840, m. 25 Jan 1858, Frederick III, German Emperor and King of Prussia, K.G. (died 15 Jun 1888), and died 5 Aug 1901, leaving issue.

2a Alice Maud Mary, born 25 Apr 1843, m. 1 Jul 1862, H.R.H. Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse, K.G. (died 13 Mar 1892), and died 14 Dec 1878, had issue.

3a Helena Augusta Victoria, born 25 May 1846, m.. 5 Jul 1866, Prince (Frederick) Christian (Charles Augustus) of Schleswig-Holstein, K.G. (died 28 Oct 1917), and died 9 Jun 1923, had issue.

4a Louise Caroline Alberta, born.18 Mar 1848, m. at Windsor Castle, 21 Mar 1871, 9th Duke of Argyll, KG (see that family), and died without issue 3 Dec 1939. He died 2 May 1914.

5a Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore, born 14 Apr 1857, m.. 23 July, 1885, Prince Henry Maurice of Battenberg, K.G. (died at sea, 20 Jan 1896, from fever contracted in the Ashanti Expedition), and died 26 Oct 1944, had issue.


Edward VII

Albert Edward, styled "By The Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, King, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India", born at Buckingham Palace, 9 Nov 1841, Duke of Cornwall, etc., at birth, Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duke of Saxony, Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester, 8 Dec 1841, Earl of Dublin, 17 Jan 1850, succeeded his mother as King of Great Britain, etc., and Emperor of India, 22 Jan 1901, crowned 9 Aug 1902, m. at St. George's Chapel, Windsor, 10 Mar 1863, Princess Alexandra Caroline Marie Charlotte Louise Julie, K.G. (born at Copenhagen, 1 Dec 1844, died at Sandringham, 20 Nov 1925, buried at Windsor), eldest daughter of Christian IX, King of Denmark, had issue.

1a Albert Victor Christian Edward, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, and Earl of Athlone, K.G., born 8 Jan 1864, died in the lifetime of the father unmarried 14 Jan 1892.

2a George Frederick Ernest Albert, Prince of Wales, afterwards King.

3a Alexander John Charles Albert, born 6 Apr died 7 Apr 1871.

1a Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar (Princess Royal), born 20 Feb 1867, married 27 Jul 1889, Alexander William George, 1st Duke of Fife, K.G., and died 4 Jan 1931, had issue.

2a Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary, born 6 Jul 1868, died unmarried 3 Dec 1935.

3a Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria, born 26 Nov 1869, m. 22 Jul 1896, her first cousin, Prince Christian Frederick Charles George Valdemar Axel of Denmark, K.G., afterwards Haakon VII, King of Norway ( died 21 Sept.1957), 2nd son of Frederick VIII, King of Denmark, and died 20 Nov 1938, had issue.

Edward VII died at Buckingham Palace, 6 May 1910 (buried at Windsor), and was succeeded by his only surviving son.

Burke's Peerage & Gentry
Life and reign of Queen Victoria: being a complete narrative; including the lives of King Edward VII. and Queen Alexandra (c1901)
Authors: Morris, Charles, 1833-1922; Halstead, Murat, 1829-1908

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