Thomas Landseer

(1794 - 1880)

Landseer, Thomas, A. R. A. (1794-1880), (son of John (1789-1853), brother of Charles (1799-1879), Edwin (1802-1873), and pupil, is a well-known English engraver of the present day. Elected Associate of the Royal Academy in 1868.
Among his plates are Rosa Bonheur's "Denizens of the Forest"
"Doubtful Crumbs" (after Edwin Landseer)
"The Sanctuary"
"The Challenge"
"The Baptismal Font" and
Portrait of the Queen.
He has also contributed to the Royal Academy many original drawings in crayon, and (in oil) "A Deluge of Rain," "The Goat without a Beard," "Lion-Hunting," "Cattle," etc.

"That Thomas Landseer the engraver was but an Associate by condescension, sat only at a side-table at state dinners of the Royal Academy, not cheek by jowl with artists [painters] like his brother Edwin and the already forgotten Charles, -- this did not deprive him of his faculty as an artist or his right to be recognized as one. The two great Landseers were John Landseer the father, only a 'line engraver,' and Thomas Landseer the son, a mere engraver also." -- W. J. Linton, in Scribner's Monthly, June, 1878.

Artists of the Nineteenth Century, their Works, Biographical Sketches, Clara Erskine Clement and Laurence Hutton, 1879.

Born in London; brother of Sir Edwin, and engaged most of his life engraving on steel from the latter's superb animal pictures. His engravings are remarkable reproductions, often full-sized copies, of the original paintings; and give the life, spirit, and atmosphere of the paintings of Sir Edwin as really as the paintings themselves. Among his other works is the engraving of Rosa Bonheur's Marche aux Cheveaux. The French National Library contains an album of his designs and sketches, which indicate high talent. He was author of the Life and Letters of William Bewick.

The International Cyclopedia: A Compendium of Human Knowledge, Volume 8, Richard Gleason Greene, Dodd, Mead, 1890.

Thomas Landseer may almost be called the colleague of his gifted brother, a large part of whose fame is due to his skillful brain and exquisite sympathy. He learned the art of engraving from his father, and usually practiced the mezzotint manner, as best adapted to the subjects of his choice, although he executed many plates also in line-engraving. Hundreds of Edwin's designs were engraved and widely popularized by Thomas, in single plates and in illustrations for various sporting publications and books about animals. One of his most famous works is the fine mezzotint of Rosa Bonheur's 'Horse Fair.' In 1871, he published an excellent biography of the Northumbrian artist, William Bewick.

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