Robert Alexander Hillingford

(28 January 1828 - 1904)

English painter, specializing in historical pictures, often battle scenes. He was born in London on January 28, 1828, and studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 1841, for five years. He is associated with the Düsseldorf school of painting. He then traveled to Munich, Rome, Florence and Naples, where he married and worked for several years, producing paintings of Italian life. One painting from this period entitled "The Last Evening of the Carnival" was exhibited at St. Petersburg in 1859. He returned to London in 1864, and first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1866; it was at this time that he began to work on historical subjects, especially of the Napoleonic Wars. He was a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy, British Institution and at other galleries. While he was attracted to costume pieces such as "An incident in the early life of Louis XIV" and "During the wanderings of Charles Edward Stuart", he also included some contemporary military scenes including his 1901 RA painting "South Africa, 1901 - The Dawn of Peace". Wikipedia

Robert Alexander Hillingford,Hillingford, (Brit.) Born in 1828. In 1904, he entered the Academy at Düsseldorf, remaining five years in that city, and working and studying in Munich, Rome, Florence, and Naples before his return to England in 1864. While in Rome he painted "The Last Evening of the Carnival." which was exhibited in St. Petersburg in 1859. He sent to the Royal Academy, London, in 1866, "Petruchio"; in 1868, "Before the Tournament"; in 1872, "The Armorer and the Glee Maiden"; in 1873, "Munchausen"; in 1874, "During the Wanderings of Charles Edward Stuart"; in 1875, "A Manager's Troubles"; in 1877, "An Incident in the Early Life of Louis XIV."

Mr. Hillingford has exhibited at Leeds, in different seasons, "The Flight of Jessica" and "Julia's Mission," and among his other works (some of them never exhibited) are, "Evangeline," "Prince Charlie The White Cockade," "The Marriage Contract," and "The Anteroom". He is an Honorary Member of the Imperial Russian Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg.

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