Thomas Hicks, N. A.

(18 October 1823 - 8 October 1890)

Devoted himself to art at an early age, studying in the Academy of Philadelphia and in the National Academy, New York. "The Death of Abel," his first important picture, was exhibited in 1841. In 1845 he sailed for Europe, remaining until 1849, painting in Rome and other Italian cities, and studying under Couture in Paris. He was elected a national academician in 1851, and was president of the Artists' Fund Society of New York from 1873 to 1885. He is one of the best known and most popular of the American portrait-painters. His "Edwin Booth as Iago" (belonging to Mr. T. R. Butler), a very strong picture and powerful likeness, is well known, as well as his portraits of Dr. Kane, Henry Ward Beecher, William C. Bryant, T. Addison Richards, Bayard Taylor, Oliver W. Holmes, Longfellow, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Gulian C. Verplanck, and William M. Evarts. His Hamilton Fish and Mayors Tiernan and Gunther are in the City Hall, New York.

" Hicks usually catches a likeness with facility, and often indulges in warmth of coloring and elaborate accessories which have contributed to the popularity of his portraits. Another point in which success is rare is obvious in his full-length portraits. They are well drawn and toned. The figures stand firmly and easily." -- Tuckerman's Book of the Artists.

Artists of the Nineteenth Century, Artists, their Works & Biographical Sketches. By Clara Erskine Clement and Laurence Hutton, 1879.
Henry T. Tuckerman, Book of the Artists: American Artist Life (New York, 1867)

L-R. Thomas Hicks (1823-1890) landscape painter, Charles Anderson Dana (1819-1897) editor and publisher, George William Curtis (1824-1892) educator, author, orator. Date: ca. 1860

Thomas Hicks (1823-1890) was a native of Bucks County, Pennsylvania who studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the National Academy of Design in New York. He was a noted portrait, landscape and genre painter. His works are in the collections of the Boston Athenaeum, U.S. Capitol Building, and Rockefeller Center.
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Birth: Oct. 18, 1823
Death: Oct. 8, 1890
Teacher of: Martin Johnson Heade (1819-1904)
Student of: Edward Hicks (1780-1849)
Cousin of: Edward Hicks (1780-1849)

Artist, born in Newtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 18 October, 1823. He was educated at the Newtown academy, and attempted portrait-painting at the age of fifteen. He began his studies in the Pennsylvania academy of fine arts in Philadelphia, and in 1838 entered the National academy in New York, and contributed "The Death of Abel" to the exhibition of 1841. In 1845 he went to Europe and studied in London, Paris, Florence, and Rome. After a visit to Venice in 1847 he returned to Rome and painted among other works a half-length figure entitled "Italia." In 1849 he returned to New York and began a successful career as a portrait painter. He was elected a national academician in 1851, and was president of the Artists' fund society of New York from 1873 till 1885.
Burial: Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, USA
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