Harry Hall

(c. 1814 - 22 April 1882)

English equestrian painter, whose works were in demand by horse owners. His output was prolific and he was the foremost racehorse portraitist of his time: his style has been described as being "strikingly modern -- when compared with many of his contemporaries". He also produced other types of portraits and shooting scenes.

Hall was born in Cambridge sometime around the middle of the second decade of the 19th century (dates of 1813 [The Tate Gallery, List of Works: Harry Hall, states birth year tentatively as "?1813".], John Bennett Fine Paintings (London), Biography of Harry Hall, -broken link - states birth year as 1814], 1815 [World Classic Gallery Harry Hall Biography, states birth year as 1815.], and 1816 [Rehs Galleries Inc. (New York), Harry Hall Biography, states birth year as 1816], found in biographies). He first appeared as an artist at Tattersalls, working on a number of their publications; initially British Racehorses and The Sporting Review. He graduated to become chief artist of The Field. He produced a great volume of work, much of which was engraved. The Sporting Magazine published 114 plates by Hall. He also worked for The Illustrated London News.

Mr. Harry Hall, the well-known painter of horses, died of paralysis on Saturday. To mere frquenters of the Royal Academy, Mr. Hall was scarcely known, for, though he was an occasional exhibitor there from 1838, for about twenty years, he has sent nothing since 1860. He painted, nevertheless, to the last with great assuiduity and success, not in England merely, but also in all parts of Europe, and is said to have just returned home from a long professional visit to M. Lefevre at Chantilly. Mr. Harry Hall began life as a portrait painter, and the first example of his particular line in art was given to the Royal Academy in 1845, when he exhibited a Suffolk cob from Newmarket. From this time forward he became the recognised painter of English horses, and received commissions from at the principal patrons of the turf. From 1846 onwards Mr. Harry Hall sent out his pictures from Willoughby House, Newmarket, where we believe he resided until his death.

The Pall Mall Budget: Being a Weekly Collection of Articles Printed in the Pall Mall Gazette from Day to Day, with a Summary of News, Volume 28, 1882

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