John Deffett Francis

(1815 - 21 February 1901)

Born in Swansea, Genre & portrait artist; Exhibitions: RA, BI, SS. Painter and collector; christened in S. Mary's church, Swansea, 2 June 1815, the son of a Swansea coachbuilder, John Francis, and his wife Mary, and a younger brother of George Grant Francis (q.v.), the antiquary. He devoted himself to painting , particularly portrait-painting, at an early age and eventually went to London where he became acquainted with Dickens, Thackeray, and Ruskin, and became one of the ‘founders of the Savage Club.’ He painted portraits of queen Victoria, Sir Robert Peel, and other notable persons, and several of these were engraved. He exhibited one picture at the Royal Academy in 1846 and several at other exhibitions between 1837 and 1860. Francis's assiduity as an art collector is remembered today by the existence of the Deffett Francis Art Gallery at Swansea, which contains the large collection of pictures and engravings which, with a considerable art library, he presented to the Swansea corporation during his lifetime. He also presented a similar large collection to the British Museum.

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© Copyright Ownership: Welsh Biography Online The National Library of Wales

Queen Victoria, after John Deffett Francis (1815-1901) (designer). Full length figure, body inclined L, face 3/4 R, in wide open bonnet with veil, low bodice, dark shawl, hands folded in front with fan, spaniel at side; slight background of foliage. Lewis, Frederick Christian (1779-1856) (engraver)

Queen Victoria with her dog, Dash, John Deffett Francis (1815-1901) (artist), signed & dated 1837, full-length standing, wearing a bonnet and stole, her dog leaping at her side. Signed and dated. Arched top.
Published by J. Dickinson, after John Deffett Francis, 7-March-1838.

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