William Ford

(1820 - 5 December 1884)

Biographical information quite scarce.
Australian Landscape Painter
Born: London, Great Britain (c. 1820)
Arrived in Australia (c. 1870)
Died (c. 1886)
Not sure if this picture is the same William Ford, artist

The painting of spectacular mountain scenery was slowly giving way to a Barbizon-inspired taste for a more pastoral subject matter -- peasant hamlets, dairying, watermills by streams -- and this change somewhat approximated the change which Australian taste underwent in the 1860s, The painter, Willaim Ford, was one to exploit this taste , whose richly painted pastoral pictures were exhibited in Melbourne in the 1870s. Ford's best-known painting is a gentle picnic scene of 1875, At the Hanging Rock Mt. Macedon. (National Gallery of Victoria)

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Photograph of a painting by William Ford entitled "Children's Hour", derived from Longfellow's poem.
Depicts two children, a young woman and a man with a long white beard, near a fireplace.

NLA Trove Service (Trove)

Artworks: National Gallery of Victoria (1823 London, England - 04 December 1884 St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria)

[Excerpt from: © Copyright Ownership: Australia Felix: Landscapes by Jeffrey Makin; By Christopher Heathcote

William Ford (1823-1884) Centre for Australian Art

Death: 5 December 1884, p.1, col.1 FORD - on the 4th inst, at his late residence, Cleeve [sic] cottage, Inkerman [sic] street east, St Kilda, William Ford, artist, after a long illness, aged 61 years. Melbourne, Argus

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