Edwin   Ellis

(1842 - 19 April 1895)

English artist born in Nottingham, England. He started working life as a lace draughtsman. As an artist he was known for his dramatic paintings of the British coastline, particularly around Yorkshire, Wales and Cornwall. He painted mainly in oils in a broad, impressionistic style. He also painted in watercolour. He exhibited extensively at the Royal Society of British Artists (elected member in 1875), the Royal Academy and many other galleries in London and other United Kingdom cities. A major retrospective exhibition of his work was held at the Nottingham Museum and Art Gallery in 1893. He declared himself bankrupt, was involved in two divorce proceedings and died in London of alcohol related problems. Forty-seven of his oil paintings are held in public art collections. en.wikipedia

ELLIS, Edwin, a well-known landscape and marine painter. He was a native of Nottingham, where he was bom in the year 1841. As a lad of fifteen he worked in a lace factory there for five years at lace-designing, but the occupation proved utterly uncongenial to him, and his life-efforts were subsetiuently devoted to art. He had the benefit of whatever instruction Henry Dawson could give him, and afterwards went to France to complete his artistic education. The principal part of his canvases were seascapes; and the power of his brush in depicting these was universally acknowledged. He became a member of the Society of Royal British Artists and exhibited the utmost industry; and his sudden death on April 19, 1895, cut short a career that had as yet never realized its full promise. One of his early water-colours, full of power, was the picture entitled 'Off Flamborough Head,' wliich showed the wreck of a schooner in an easterly gale. This canvas is now in the collection of Mr. Gilbert Moss, at Aigburth, near Liverpool; and some eighty-four of his pictures were exhibited at the Nottingham Art Museum in 1893; amongst them, 'After Three Days' Gale,' with its turbulent sea and flying clouds; and also his 'Full Summer,' showing the great white Yorkshire cliffs glistening in the sunlight.

Bryan's dictionary of painters and engravers, 1903

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