Alfred Wilson Cox

(1830 - 1885)

Cox was born in Nottingham. He specialized in painting landscapes, but occassionally painted portraits including his protrait of the fifth Duke of Newcastle which is in the Nottingham Castle Art Gallerry. He exhibited at the Royal Academy, Suffolk Street and other leading galleries of his day. He is listed in the Dictionary of British Artist 1880-1940 and The Royal Society of British Artists 1824-1893. The latter reference indicates exhbitions in 1876 and 1878

The Royal Academy of Arts Exhibitions
Address listed: 7, James Street, Nottingham
- 1871. "Honour to the Lincoln green, etc."
- 1872. The woodman's bower -- Birkland, Sherwood Forest. "This is thy magic pencil, etc."
- 1873. The trysting tree.
- 1874. Colwick Grove.
- 1876. The Trent near Weston Cliff.
- 1876. An autumn afternoon -- Dorrington Park.
- 1876. Sherwood House, Beeston, Nottingham.
- 1885. Near the heronry -- Donington Park.