George Corbould

(17 April 1786 - 5 Nov 1846)

Engraver and illustrator. He was apprenticed to the line-engraver James Heath, and he exhibited linear studies from Chaucer, Dryden and Ossian (R.A., 1802-4). He engraved pictures from the collection of Henry Valentine Fitzherbert, 9th Baron of Stafford (pubd 1818). In the brief wake of French interest in R. P. Bonington, Corbould adapted his style from the late 1820s and spent some time engraving book illustrations in Paris. For most of the time he was apparently engaged in engraving his brother Henry's drawings of the Elgin marbles and other Greek antiquities (Examples in London, British Museum).

The Royal Academy of Arts Contributions:

CORBOULD, George James (1786-1846). Painter/Printmaker. Master G, Corbould, at Mr. Corbould's; Address: 10, John Street, Tottenham Court Road.

1801. 439 - "Mrs. Fullin".

1802. 664 - "The Knight and the hag". (Vide) Wife of Bath's Tale.

1803. 359 - "Palamon and Arcite". (Vide) Dryden's Fables.

1804. 627 - "Fingal engaging the spirit Loda". (Vide) Ossian's Poems.

1806. 351 - "King Lear".