John James Chalon

(1778 - 1854)

Brother of Chalon (Alfred Edward). Born, Geneva, 1778; Died, Kensington, 1854; studied Royal Academy; painted landscapes and genre. This son was placed in a commercial house, but a natural inclination towards art led to his becoming, in 1796, a student at the Royal Academy, where, in 1800, he exhibited his first picture, "Banditti at their Repast." This was followed by several landscapes. Up to 1805, his exhibited pictures were in oil, but in 1806, he became an exhibitor at the Watercolour Society's Rooms, and in 1808, a member of the Society, but quitted it in 1813. He had occasionally sent a picture in oil to the Royal Academy, and in 1816, he exhibited his "Napoleon on Board the Bellerophon," a fine picture, which he presented to Greenwich Hospital. "A View of Hastings," also a powerful work, now at South Kensington, was exhibited in 1819. In 1827, he was elected an associate, and in 1841, a full member of the Royal Academy. Besides the above works may be named his "Gil Bias in the Robbers' Cave," and "The Arrival of the Steamboat at Folkestone." He published, in 1820, some humorous "Sketches from Parisian Manners."

The following prices have been paid for pictures in oil by J. J. Chalon:
£ s d
View of Hastings, Chalon's sale... 1861... 31 12 0
Le Bas Coleur de Rose, Chalon's sale 1861 ... 30 9 0
The Pleasures of a Day 1861... 71 8 0
Macbeth and the Witches, dated 1810, (60in. by 84in.), Hamilton's sale 1882... 33 12 0
Portraits of Mrs. Fairlie and two children were disposed of in Chalon's sale (1861) for £23 2s

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