Frederick Calvert

(1785 - 1845) or
(1793 - 1852)

Irish-born, British Watercolorist and engraver of topographical views specializing in shipping and coastal scenes. He was a native of Cork. In 1807 an aquatint by him of Parliament Bridge, Cork was published. In 1812 Calvert exhibited a View near Rathfarnham at the Society of Artists in Dublin as well as two Dublin views with the Hibernian Society in 1815. Around 1815 the artist moved to England and in that year published four of his drawings depicting 'The Interior of Tintern Abbey' and a book 'Lessons on Landscape Colouring, Shadowing and Penciling'. In 1822 he published a series of lithographs entitled 'The Forest Illustrated'. In 1827 he moved to London, exhibiting from his studio in Pall Mall views of 'Dover Castle' and 'Broughton Castle'. From 1827 until 1844 he exhibited at the British Institution and at Suffolk Street. In 1830 he published Picturesque Views of Staffordshire and Shropshire, a collection of thirty-nine plates. He also worked for the Archaeological Journal. Watercolors by Calvert are in the collections of the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Oil paintings are in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, the Derby Museum and Art Gallery as well as the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. The Walker Art Gallery’s painting entitled 'Shipping in the Mersey' (inventory number 1493) dated 1830, depicts a similar view to our Liverpool, Lancashire sight but in calmer waters and from a further vantage point making for a less defined shoreline.

Frederick Calvert (1793-1852)
Frederick Calvert was an Irish artist born in Cork in 1793. He is best known for his small coastal shipping scenes, although his early work concentrated on landscapes. His first exhibited work was in the 1812 exhibition of the Society of Artists of Ireland in Dublin. Three years later he showed 2 works at the Hibernian Society of Artists. Between 1833 and 1844 he was exhibiting at the Royal Society of British Artists and the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin. He died in Suffolk in 1852.

Landscape Painter
An artist painting in Cork at the beginning of the nineteenth century. He exhibited a 'View near Rathfarnham' with the Society of Artists in Dublin in 1812, and two Dublin views with the Hibernian Society in 1815. There is an aquatint by him of 'Parliament Bridge, Cork,' published in 1807. In or after 1815 he appears to have gone to England, and in that year published four of his own drawings of 'the Interior of Tintern Abbey' and a book, 'Lessons on Landscape colouring, shadowing and pencilling.' In 1822 he issued a series of lithographs, 'The Forest Illustrated,' and in 1830 thirty-nine plates of 'Picturesque Views in Staffordshire and Shropshire.' He also contributed some papers to the 'Archaeological Journal.'

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Calvert, Frederick or Fredrick (British), 19th century, male. Active in London 1811-1844. Died c.1845. Painter, watercolourist, engraver, illustrator. Seascapes: Exhibited in London at the British Institution and the Suffolk Street Gallery from 1827 to 1844.

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