Jane Maria Bowkett

(16 January 1839 - 1 June 1891)

English born, Jane Maria Bowkett was a well regarded lady Victorian painter who produced fine quality oils from around 1861 to about 1886. A delicate quality genre painter, she drew inspiration from Shakespeare and painted several figures and scenes from his plays. These paintings are very much in a pre-Raphaelite style and she may have drawn inspiration from the second or third phase of the Pre-Raphaelites, the pre-Raphaelite followers. She was also well known for her domestic scenes, often with mothers and children plus some interesting coastal scenes of the south coast. She exhibited her work widely, and in London exhibited at both the Royal Academy and the Royal Society of British Artists. A successful painter in her own right, she was the wife of the London based painter Charles Stuart who was well known for his paintings of fruit and flowers as well as landscapes.

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