Philip Augustus Barnard

(1840 - 1884)

British painter, born in London. Barnard produced miniatures and portraits in oils, and his work was exhibited at the Royal Academy for almost forty-five years. He was married to fellow painter Hebe Saunders, who also exhibited works under her married name. They were the parents of the portrait painter Walter Saunders Barnard (1851–1930).

A Dictionary of British Miniature Painters, Vol I.

Queen Victoria (1819-1901) | c. 1870

Philip Augustus Barnard (1840-84)

This miniature is coloured over a photograph. The card is the artist's trade card and indicates it was produced in the Barnards' studio. Philip Augustus Barnard (exhibited RA 1840 – 1884) and his wife Hebe, née Saunders (exhibited RA 1852- 1857), worked as miniaturists from premises at 140 Regent Street, London, in 1856, and latterly from 131 Regent Street, where their son, Walter Barnard Saunders (1851- 1930), also practised as a miniaturist. The photograph on which it is based shows Queen Victoria c.1870, dressed in black with the ribbon and star of the Order of the Garter and the badge of Victoria and Albert at her right shoulder. This object was displayed at the Charles Dickens Reception at Buckingham Palace.

Royal Collection