James Walsham Baldock

(1822 - 1898)

British Sporting Artist, born James Walsham Markham at Tadcaster, Baldock took the name of his maternal grandfather who adopted him.

Baldock was a self-taught artist who developed a detailed and finished style in oil, watercolor, gouache and pastel. Although known mostly for his paintings of horses, Baldock painted many portraits of dogs and shooting scenes set in the Scottish Highlands. He exhibited at Nottingham and Sheffield and was a President of the Sheffield Society of Artists of which he was also a founding member.


James Walsham Baldock was born James Walsham Markham in 1822, in Tadcaster, Yorkshire. After being orphaned he was adopted by his maternal grandfather, Thomas Baldock who was a farmer in Worksop. His early life was spent working on the farm but as a gifted amateur painter, at the age of 25 James decided to become a professional artist. He soon became successful selling work locally and through national exhibitions with many sporting and equestrian groups for the gentry in both England and Ireland. In 1884 he moved from Worksop to Sherwood Rise in Nottingham where he lived until his death in 1898.

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